When I Think of Home… London Comes to Mind

In England by Jessica Wunder

I never knew it was possible to love a city as much as I love London. I have always thought of myself as a big city girl but never had the opportunity to test the waters until this summer. Let me tell you, becoming a local isn’t just about not getting lost on the tube or finding your favourite place for …

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When in London, Do what the Londoners Do

In England by Lauren Kolesar

Lauren Kolesar, Accounting, ’16: London is one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to. I felt so comfortable living in the city in just a few short weeks. Therefore it goes without saying that after being in London for two months I have not only created a second home but I have created a second family. Not …

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Just Another Person in Praha

In Czech Republic by Justin Bangay

Justin Bangay, Pre-Business ’17: After living in Prague, Czech Republic for almost two months I feel as if I am one with the locals. I may not dress the same or speak the same language but I have become familiar with Czech customs and way of life. I know the tramline like the back of my hand and have been to …

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Living as a Local in London

In England by Jeffrey Gerlach

Jeffrey Gerlach, Business Economics ’16: I remember vividly my first impression of London just two short months ago when I stepped out of the Earl’s Court Tube station. What I saw was exactly what I was expecting London to look like – amazing! Because of this, I don’t think I had too much of a transitional period to feeling like …

London Local

In England by Dylan Johnson

Dylan Johnson, Management: After being in London for two months, I definitely feel like I am a part of the city. I now am able to use the tube to go anywhere in the city without using my app to see which lines I need to take and what transfers I have to take. When I first arrived, I was …

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Second Home

In England by Steven Blend

Steven Blend, Accounting 2018: About a month into this program I started to feel like a local; now, with only a week left in the program, London feels like my second home. Getting around London was definitely the hardest to get used to coming from a small city in Wisconsin. Now after living in London for two months, I know …

Locals Only: Go Back to the Valley Peasants

In England by Charles Abrams

Charlie Abrams, Eller Marketing ’16: I am without a doubt comfortable calling myself a Londoner. I feel like I have adapted quite well to the British way of life. I find myself using the local terminology quite often. I am always saying cheers, toilet instead of bathroom, you alright? instead of how are you?, bloody, wanker, and many more. I …

Becoming a Local in Prague

In Czech Republic by Katelyn Martin

I have been in Prague for a little over eight weeks now and I can honestly say I feel like I am a local. The first couple of weeks that I was here I felt lost because Prague is unlike any city I have ever lived in before. I can now easily locate myself around the city and I feel …

Local Life in London

In England by Brooke Hinkel

Brooke Hinkel, Eller Marketing’ 16: When I first came to London, I thought that it was the strangest city. I didn’t understand what anybody was ever saying and everything was just completely opposite from what I was used to. It took a while, but I definitely adjusted to the lifestyle here and I understand it a lot more. This morning when …

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Becoming a Prague Local

In Uncategorized by Elisa Rogers

Elisa Rogers, Psychology ’17 It feels like just yesterday that I arrived off the plane in Prague. I think that it is crazy I have already been here for a full two months! Prague now feels like my home. I feel comfortable here, know my way around, feel like my apartment is my own, and have adapted to the every …

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Becoming a Local in Hong Kong

In China by Charles Recchion

Charles Recchion, Finance, 2017: I didn’t think it would ever happen, but getting off the MTR at the Hung Hom stop where I live after a long day spent out walking in Central Hong Kong is a relieving feeling and it actually feels like home. I have become accustomed to the food and now have a few of my own …

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Working at CODA Capital

In China by Charles RecchionLeave a Comment

Charles Recchion, Finance, 2017: I have really enjoyed my time in Hong Kong and my internship is a big part of that. I am working for a smaller startup company in the Hong Kong Science and Tech Park which has allowed me to get to know all the employees and the founder of the company on a personal level. My work …