I’m Turning English

In Uncategorized by Aidan Heigl

Aidan M. Heigl, Studio Art Photography ’16 One day, My friend Allie came to visit me during my lunch break since she was in the city for a long weekend. She decided to meet me outside of my work building and from there we headed to the local market area. Once we did that, I brought her to the park …

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Once in a Lifetime

In Spain by Gabrielle Videla

By Gabrielle Videla, Pre-Business, ’18: There are few ways to properly reflect on the summer.  Hopefully these 1 second snippets I captured everyday will give some clue into the best summer of my life.

the London life

In England by Bridget Dunholter

Bridget Dunholter, Family Studies and Human Development ’16 After living in London for about 2 months now, I definitely feel like I’m a local. I tend to forget that I’ve been living in a different country since it seems so normal now. I never thought that I could fall in love with a city as much as I did with London. …

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Living as a Local in Prague

In Czech Republic by Lauren Kenney

Lauren Kenney, Marketing ’16 I have officially become a local after living in Prague for 2 months. I have adapted to the way a local does many things. However, I barely speak their language and do not look or dress the same way as them but I do feel that I have become one with the Czech family. One thing …

When I Think of Home… London Comes to Mind

In England by Jessica Wunder

I never knew it was possible to love a city as much as I love London. I have always thought of myself as a big city girl but never had the opportunity to test the waters until this summer. Let me tell you, becoming a local isn’t just about not getting lost on the tube or finding your favourite place for …

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When in London, Do what the Londoners Do

In England by Lauren Kolesar

Lauren Kolesar, Accounting, ’16: London is one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to. I felt so comfortable living in the city in just a few short weeks. Therefore it goes without saying that after being in London for two months I have not only created a second home but I have created a second family. Not …

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Just Another Person in Praha

In Czech Republic by Justin Bangay

Justin Bangay, Pre-Business ’17: After living in Prague, Czech Republic for almost two months I feel as if I am one with the locals. I may not dress the same or speak the same language but I have become familiar with Czech customs and way of life. I know the tramline like the back of my hand and have been to …

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Living as a Local in London

In England by Jeffrey Gerlach

Jeffrey Gerlach, Business Economics ’16: I remember vividly my first impression of London just two short months ago when I stepped out of the Earl’s Court Tube station. What I saw was exactly what I was expecting London to look like – amazing! Because of this, I don’t think I had too much of a transitional period to feeling like …

London Local

In England by Dylan Johnson

Dylan Johnson, Management: After being in London for two months, I definitely feel like I am a part of the city. I now am able to use the tube to go anywhere in the city without using my app to see which lines I need to take and what transfers I have to take. When I first arrived, I was …

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Second Home

In England by Steven Blend

Steven Blend, Accounting 2018: About a month into this program I started to feel like a local; now, with only a week left in the program, London feels like my second home. Getting around London was definitely the hardest to get used to coming from a small city in Wisconsin. Now after living in London for two months, I know …

Locals Only: Go Back to the Valley Peasants

In England by Charles Abrams

Charlie Abrams, Eller Marketing ’16: I am without a doubt comfortable calling myself a Londoner. I feel like I have adapted quite well to the British way of life. I find myself using the local terminology quite often. I am always saying cheers, toilet instead of bathroom, you alright? instead of how are you?, bloody, wanker, and many more. I …

Becoming a Local in Prague

In Czech Republic by Katelyn Martin

I have been in Prague for a little over eight weeks now and I can honestly say I feel like I am a local. The first couple of weeks that I was here I felt lost because Prague is unlike any city I have ever lived in before. I can now easily locate myself around the city and I feel …